CEO John Jashar at Madura Guano mining operation, Indonesia.

Our History

After years of research and study of the ever expanding growth of sustainable based products and markets around the world, Kismet International Pty Ltd and its subsidiary company Guano Australia Pty Ltd were founded and established by John Kismet Jashar in 1994, with their humble beginnings located in Shepparton, Victoria. In 2005 Kismet International Pty Ltd and it’s subsidiary company Guano Australia Pty Ltd  reviewed its entire operations and decided (for commercial and logistical reasons) relocation to Queensland would be in the best interests of the company and the agricultural/horticultural community at large. Under the auspice of Guano Australia Pty Ltd. Guano Gold-Kwik Start was launched onto the Australian Horticultural, Agricultural and Turf market places in early 1994. Introducing Guano Gold-Kwik Start to farmers and growers (particularly those already engaged in organic farming) across Australia to the very important features and valuable benefits of a chemical free, granulated phosphorus fertiliser product has proved extremely successful to date.  With the constant expansion of blending and distribution arrangements set up nationally with independent companies throughout Australia, Guano Australia’s range of speciality fertiliser products have grown to include Guano Gold-Kwik Start, Guano Sulphur Gold, KMS Fertilizer, Agrispon and the new liquid products Guano Liquid Gold, Guano Liquid Gold with KMS and Reefsafe Guano Liquid Gold Super P.

Guano Gold-Kwik Start, Guano Sulphur Gold, KMS Fertilizer and our 3 liquid products are natural fertilisers and are Australian Organic Registered, making them suitable for organic crop application with sound agronomic integrity.  Our products have received outstanding support from certified organic and sustainable conventional farmers and turf managers across Australia. We value the support of the organic bio-dynamic industry, all certification entities and in particular, the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA).

The entire Guano Australia Pty Ltd speciality fertiliser product range plays an integral role in an ever expanding Australian organic and sustainable farming industry; enhancing the ever increasing demand for Australian produced organic and sustainable products on the international market.




Mission Statement

  1. We are in the business of marketing our diverse range of Guano Gold® and KMS® certified Organic fertilisers.
  2. We take a personal interest in out customers, their needs and profitability.
  3. We have a premium range of high quality products and take pride in advising our customers of their valued benefits.
  4. We are highly skilled in providing our expert technical and agronomy services advice for our product range and endeavour to train each of our farmer clients, their staff, distributors and agents.
  5. We specialise in the Organic, Bio-dynamic and Sustainable Farming industries and as such promote all measure to enhance and support all farms, farming crop operations and the protection of our environment.


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