Agronomy Services


Agronomy Services Australasia offers a holistic approach in dealing within the Agricultural production system.

Agronomy Services Australasia systematic approach deals with agronomy as part of a total farming system.

Soil health and its effects on crops and pastures, as well as farm finances and ultimately the value of the farm as an asset, are the areas of utmost importance to Agronomy Services Australasia.

You could say Agronomy Services Australasia has a holistic approach to the services it provides to the client.

Agronomy Services Australasia undertakes farm soil analysis, crop and pasture analysis and helps the client to implement achievable programs that are both environmentally and cheque book friendly.

Agronomy Services Australasia also undertakes analysis for clients of properties that are being acquired.

This service provides a report on the property, gross margins and cash flow that can be used in conjunction with historical financial records to secure the best possible funding arrangement from your bank or institution.

Agronomy Services Australasia can undertake work for banks that are holding stressed or impaired agricultural assets and requires an understanding of the business farming programme and its ability to achieve yield and cash flow forecasts.

Agronomy Services Australasia specialises in the delivery of a wide range of information and services relevant to agricultural producers and agribusiness. Managed by experienced professionals we deliver profitable solutions in a number of key areas including:

• General Crop and Pasture Agronomy
• Soil and Plant Nutrition
• Soil Testing Services
• Price Risk Management
• Project Management

Agronomy Services

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