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"Where Corporate Agronomy Aervices Starts and finishes...
...In the Boardroom"

Agronomy Services Australasia's systematic approach deals with agronomy as part of a total farming system.

Soil health and its effects on crops and pastures, as well as farm finances and ultimately the value of the farm as an asset, are the areas of utmost importance to Agronomy Services Australasia.

You could say Agronomy Services Australasia has a holistic approach to the services it provides to the client.

Agronomy Services Australasia undertakes farm soil analysis, crop and pasture analysis and helps the client to implement achievable programs that are both environmentally and cheque book friendly.

Agronomy Services Australasia also undertakes analysis for clients of properties that are being acquired.

This service provides a report on the property, gross margins and cash flow that can be used in conjunction with historical financial records to secure the best possible funding arrangement from your bank or institution.

Agronomy Services Australasia can undertake work for banks that are holding stressed or impaired agricultural assets and requires an understanding of the business farming programme and its ability to achieve yield and cash flow forecasts.

Agronomy Services Australasia specialises in the delivery of a wide range of information and services relevant to agricultural producers and agribusiness. Managed by experienced professionals we deliver profitable solutions in a number of key areas including:

• General Crop and Pasture Agronomy
• Soil and Plant Nutrition
• Soil Testing Services
• Price Risk Management
• Project Management

Meet Our Team

John Kismet Jashar



John was raised on his family's orchards in Shepparton, Victoria and has spent most of his life in agriculture and horticulture, as well as food and beverage production. This has provided John with invaluable experience in production, marketing and distribution, together with firsthand experience of the shipping and transport industries. John spent 5 years prior to 1994 travelling throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA, researching business opportunities, and securing sources of select speciality products best suited to the Australian Organic and Sustainable Food and Agriculture Industries.

John's research and studies proved that worldwide demand for chemical-free, Organic products was increasing, underpinning the future of sustainable agriculture. Further investigations revealed that the Australian marketplace had no regular reliable supply of high quality organic phosphate, yet Guano had long been very successfully marketed in the extremely sensitive Japanese market.

Upon securing the exclusive long term product supply rights for the Australian marketplace, the decision was taken to proceed with the launch of Madura Guano Gold Kwik-Start, which is produced according to our specific required technical standards to suit Guano Australia's requirements. Guano Australia Pty Ltd is 100% owned by KISMET INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD, and as such is truly 100% Australian owned.

Guano Australia operates from its Australian Head Office based in Buderim, Queensland, from modern well equipped facilities and is strategically poised to lead the organic fertiliser industry well into the 21st century and beyond.

Guano Australia Pty Ltd, provides direct farmer support via its dedicated "Hands on" Corporate Team, together with the support of our independent Agronomists, Technical Representatives and our valued distributor network, are all highly trained and qualified in their respective fields, particularly in Organic/Bio-Dynamic and Sustainable Agricultural and Horticultural farming methods.


Robert Drewitt

BcSc (Ag)

“My industry background in agribusiness finance coupled with agronomy experience provides me an ability to achieve workable solutions for the Kismet Group of Companies’ clients and their stakeholders.”

Robert joins us having worked as a Senior Agribusiness Manager in an Australia Bank for the past ten years and before that, nine years of in field agronomy experience. After leaving the University of Western Sydney with a degree in Applied Agricultural Science, Robert worked a further 5 years in Agribusiness lending for the Primary Industry Bank of Australia.

This experience provides Robert with a valuable insight into Australian farming businesses and the driving forces that impact and underpin their economic survival. 

Robert has settled numerous financial transactions, including large complex lending for both Agricultural farms and the Agricultural supply chain. Roberts’s first-hand knowledge in working within the confines of the banking industry is an asset on these formal appointments. 

The professional experience Robert has is predominantly in rural based industries including with sugar, ethanol, grains, horticulture as well as feed milling, rural merchandise retailing and meat processing.

Robert is uniquely placed with his finance background to achieve the best outcomes for all of our stakeholders with a diversified skill set to facilitate change management or provide rural finance and hands on agronomy solutions.



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