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We are serious about "environmental sustainability" and as such, Reefsafe® Fertiliser and Reefsafe® Agrispon are taking a lead position in the support to protect our environment.


Reefsafe® is a natural, chemical free Di-calcium Phosphorus, Calcium and Silica fertiliser. It is formed from di-calcium; phosphate layers generated by the interaction of the remains of coral, seabirds, fish and seaweed. It contains very high amounts of available Phosphorus, Calcium and Silica.

Reefsafe® is a very well suited fertiliser for problematic areas where leaching of "P" is an issue.

Replicated trials undertaken with Reefsafe® fertiliser have proven that Silica also plays a major role in increasing the cell strength of plant tissue and thus the ridigity of the plant.

The continuous release action of phosphorus from Reefsafe® fertiliser may be more significant in the lighter coastal soils, in the high rainfall seasons.

Under the conditions of these trials, Reefsafe® fertiliser has performs as well as the standard chemical fertiliser blends at no extra cost to the grower. Both CCS levels and crop yield have been maintained when using Reefsafe® fertiliser.

Reefsafe® fertiliser is available in a envely granulated form for easy handling and spreading. It is packed in 1.25MT bulka bags or bulk only.

The above links give a full analysis and technical information for Reefsafe® fertiliser.


Reefsafe Agrispon

We are serious about ‘environmental sustainability’ and as such, Reefsafe® fertiliser and Reefsafe® Agrispon® are taking a lead position in the support to protect our environment.





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