Reefsafe Guano Liquid Gold Super P

P: 16.1%   K: 6.2%  S: 0.6%  Mg: 1.89%  Ca: 22.0%   Si: 9.8%

Phosphorus - Potassium - Sulphur - Magnesium - Calcium - Silica - plus trace elements



  • Plant available Phosphorus, Calcium & Silica in a single, high analysis product, derived from natural Guano.
  • The high analysis source of our micronized Guano Gold-Kwik Start® is in a free-flowing suspension.
  • Phosphorus & Calcium are the two key elements for photosynthesis & plant sugar production.
  • The Silica component is important to improve the plant’s response & resistance to biotic & abiotic stress such as disease, insects, heat & cold.


  • Australian Organic Registered Farm Input 309.
  • A natural source of liquid Phosphorus, Calcium & Silica.
  • Reefsafe® Guano Liquid Gold® Super P® also contains trace elements, with usable levels of Zinc and Manganese.
  • The neutral pH of the product gives it a high compatibility when tank mixing with other products.
  • Contains a surfactant to assist in foliar application.
  • Easy convenient application.

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