Googa Farms

ANTHONY Beutel runs Googa Farm Organics on the rich red volcanic soils of the South Burnett region of Queensland, producing avocados and various vegetable crops such as snow peas and zucchini. After converting to an organic system close to a decade ago, Mr Beutel said one of the major issues was finding certified organic fertilisers with enough guts to do the job. “You find yourself paying a lot for products that contain a lot of water.” With this in mind, he has been delighted with the results using the Guano Australia range of products, including the granular Guano Sulphur Gold and the foliar spray Guano Liquid Gold. “They are high analysis products so you get your nutrients without having to put too much fertiliser out.” Mr Beutel said he had achieved good yield and robust fruit on his tree crops using a system where the crop is consistently fed an application of fertiliser every six to eight weeks. “A lot is fed out through the irrigation line, but we can also go out with a granular product.” In terms of the horticulture side, Mr Beutel said it was critical to ensure there was a good spike of P as the crops emerged and then a steady source of plant available P throughout the growing season.

Mr Beutel said having products such as the Guano Australia range helped in his organic system. “We don’t always have the widest range of options, so to have some good high analysis fertiliser products available is great.” Mr Beutel, who also runs a wholesale business distributing organic produce, said the demand for organic fruit and vegetables continued to rise. “I’m constantly looking for more producers to get more product to my customers to meet demand.” “Growth in the organic fruit and vegetable sector in the last five years has ranged between 10 and 18 per cent per annum.” “It’s important we have input products that allows us to grow more to meet that demand.”
Anthony Beutel
Googa Farm Organics. South Burnett, QLD


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