Ian Saunders

“Hi my name is Ian Saunders I am working on our 1600 acre family owned and operated property in Guyra on the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales. Our main enterprise is breeding and fattening crossbred lambs. We also buy and fatten steers and heifers. We have chosen to go to Guano Gold-Kwik Start to fertilise our property this year since single super just wasn’t doing the job, so to speak. We chose Guano Gold-Kwik Start over a lot of other products for its high levels of phosphate, calcium and its vast range of other minerals and trace elements; also because it is a natural product. I found the dense weight and it being a granular product made it very easy to load and spread out of a belt driven Marshal Spreader. Being granular it wasn’t dusty and loaded well. The dense weight of the product gave me a good 25 metre spread. I look forward to seeing the results from using such a product and will definitely use it next year when we are fertilising.”
Ian Saunders, Guyra, NSW
October 24, 2012


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