LANDMARK Mount Gambier sales agronomist Garry Allison says Guano Australia’s range of products have a range of advantages in his area. He said he recommended the products, such as Guano Gold, to a range of clients. “There’s obviously a fit, as a certified organic product, into organic systems, it is also good for those really interested in improving soil health,” Mr Allison said. He also said the fertilisers were a great fit in areas with difficult soils or those prone to nutrient leaching. “There are a lot of sandy, acidic soils here, with sand over clay, and with our heavy winter rainfall, you can see a lot of nutrient leaching.” “Having a product such as Guano Gold, with its split release of P, is very useful in these circumstances to allow some plant available P later in the growing season.” Mr Allison told would be customers that although the Guano Australia’s range of products were certified organic, they should not be pigeonholed as solely an organic fertiliser. “The problem with many organic fertilisers is that they have very low rates of nutrients, meaning you need to put out high rates.” “A product like Guano Gold has 12pc P, whereas Guano Sulphur Gold has 10.5pc P, obviously with additional sulphur.” “These figures compare very favourably with something like a single superphosphate product.” “Agronomically, it’s a good product in any setting, not just for organic producers.” Mr Allison said he also found the granular Guano Australia products good to deal with logistically. “It’s a good uniform size that makes for good spreading compared to a bulkier low analysis product or a really fi ne fertiliser like crushed rock phosphate.” “Being able to spread it out over 25 metres through the fertiliser spreader rather only being able to throw it 10 or 12 metres, as is the case with different products, is a real saving.” Mr Allison also said while the cover price of the Guano Gold products, at around $800 a tonne, was unfavourable compared to a single super at around $300/t, when the entire nutritional package was considered, the dynamics changed. “With Guano Gold you get calcium, silica, mg, copper, zinc, all that, it’s a well-balanced product, whereas conventional super is just acidified phosphate.”
Garry Allison, Landmark Agronomist. Mount Gambier, SA


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