Laurie & Maria Germano

Laurie and Maria Germano and family grow potatoes and other vegetables on their 105ha farm in the rolling hills of South Gippsland at Delburn. In recent years Laurie has moved toward fertiliser blends containing Madura Guano Gold because:

  • the product grows as good or better quality vegetables of good size;
  • the residual phosphorous left in the soil allows the following crops to get off to a good start without additional fertiliser being applied. “The Guano Gold does not get tied up in the soil like other sources of phosphorus”, explains Laurie;
  • to highlight the above points, new Tetilla Annual Rye grass has been drop sown on paddocks recently harvested from potatoes. The clear benefit of the residual quantities of the Madura Guano Gold can be shown in how the pasture has grown so quickly despite very low rainfall occurring and the ground had been cracking. Note the photograph in the “Mushroom” paddock where the irrigator winch track that did not receive any Madura Guano Gold but was sown with the same seed at the same time, and
  • Madura Guano Gold is also very good on the garden around the house.

Laurie has been actively encouraging other farmers to look towards the benefits of using Madura Guano Gold-Kwik Start by incorporating some into their own fertiliser blends and to use it on their own local farms as well.

 Laurie Germano overlooking the family property in Delburn, South Gippsland
 Potato crops grown with the assistance of Guano Gold-Kwik Start


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