Matta Neta Organics

We grow olives on Kangaroo Island using plants purchased from Olives Australia. Prior to planting we used a comprehensive soil analysis through Australian Perry Agricultural Laboratories, which provides reports based on the Albrecht model. A deficiency in phosphorus was indicated, along with elevated magnesium. Guano Gold-Kwik Start was chosen as the ‘P’ source provides an almost immediate supply of Phosphorous (‘P’), has no burning effect on roots so can be added to the planting hole, has good Calcium levels (38%) and has 10% Silicon available. In addition Guano Gold is very easy to apply and no particular precautions need to be undertaken when applying it. The product was applied at planting, directly into the planting hole. Some had previously been added to the planting rows and cultivated in. We have also used Guano Gold-Kwik Start on other olive plantings we undertook as contractors for clients. The ease of application, good response of trees to the product, reliable analysis and sound environmental outcomes have made this product the ‘P’ source of choice. In differing soil conditions, it is easy to provide the required amendments of ‘P’ and ‘Ca’ by using Guano Gold-Kwik Start. We also did some cost comparisons against ‘P’ delivered to the plant, and we are satisfied that we get more available P for the dollar by using this product.


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