Scott Chambers

Mr. Scott Chambers of Bundella, NSW continues to use Madura Guano Gold-Kwik Start as the basis of his fertiliser cropping and is really happy with it. There is a lot of biology and other benefits happening as well according to Scott and he is extra pleased with the crops progress this season. The chickpeas, although later sown this year, look exceptional, and the nodulation is just unbelievably good now that they are flowering. They have not required any dithane unlike other local crops due to their exceptional performance and health. The grass crops of triticale, oats and canary seed (for domestic bird seed) are all growing very well as well, despite cutting back the nitrogen application to 30% of what was previously used. Soil tests have indicated a need for sulphur and boron as well, and so some gypsum and boron has been applied with the Madura Guano Gold-Kwik Start. This combination has helped capitalize on these heavy black soils which otherwise have problems with calcium – magnesium rations. Scott says that there are major benefits from the silica component of the Madura Guano Gold-Kwik Start and the interactions bringing about this improvement in soil biology as well as the readily available nutrients. The silica pulls the cations out of the otherwise tightly bound heavy clay soils and we are very happy indeed with the results. The Madura Guano Gold-Kwik Start has been an easy granulated product to use without any handling problems.


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