Suncorp Stadium

‘Suncorp Stadium’ is a venue of the Major Sports Facilities Authority managed by Ogden IFC (Brisbane) Pty Ltd. We have been using Agrispon monthly at 1.0 litres per Ha for root development and I have found that the roots have maintained length during the football season. We applied a fertiliser mix of Guano Gold-Kwik Start earlier in the year and received some good results from the application. We have not used the Guano Gold-Kwik Start on a regular basis as I have a complex fertiliser program in operation and I did not want to include another product. In all I have found that the Agrispon has assisted in conjunction with our other fertilisers to maintain root length and I will be using it again next year as part of our maintenance program.
Peter Cronin, Grounds Manager, SUNCORP STADIUM


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