W B Hunter

Graeme Talarico, agronomist from WB Hunter

Farmers have been extracting more value from their phosphate dollars through the use of Guano Gold- Split P products. Agronomist Graeme Talarico from WB Hunter has experienced great success selling the fertiliser products, which he said allows farmers to gain more from their soil. “The superior availability of the phosphorous component in the fertiliser, as well as the silica component and other attributes, makes it a unique fertiliser,” Mr Talarico said. “I sell the products to people in horticulture, dairy and broadacre businesses and they use it in a range of crops.” This product provides farmers with both types of phosphorous – both water soluble and non-water soluble – unlike others on the market. “A lot of fertilisers have only got water soluble phosphorous, which means for a period of time it is more likely to be unavailable to the plant,” Mr Talarico said. Without enough phosphorous, young crops will struggle to take off and existing crops will not perform as well. “Particularly for a young crop with a small root system, phosphorous is pivotal to get it going. If phosphorous is poor the crop will take a lot longer and you will suffer yield decline,” Mr Talarico said. “Products like this are integral as crops don’t perform as well without having very good quality fertilisers underneath them.”


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