Waltanna Farms

Michael Nagorcka from Waltanna Farms, near Hamilton, Victoria.

For flax-seed farmer Michael Nagorcka, phosphorous is the key to a successful crop. This nutrient is essential for all plant growth, so it is no surprise that farmers like him are seeking to increase the amount within their crops. Mr Nagorcka uses Guano Gold-Split P products to enhance the phosphorus component of his flax plants. “We have known since the 1930s that phosphorus is one of the main elements required to grow a successful crop of not just the (flax) plant but the seed,” he said. “It gives you a very high oil content and a very high Omega 3 content.” Mr Nagorcka has used the Guano Gold-Split P products for the past 4–5 years and has been impressed with their diversity and success. “It was one of those products that was first out in a granular type form and it was so much easier to get an even coverage over the ground, rather than a powder form,” he said. “Later on the product became a little more refined, so we could put it through our air-seeder. We also broadcast some of it, prior to seeding, when we are cultivating ground.” While Mr Nagorcka grows wheat and oats too, flax seed is his primary crop - so it is essential to give it what it needs to thrive. “The products have great characteristics in relation to phosphate and silica, which is exactly what we need for flax,” he said.


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