Googa Farms

ANTHONY Beutel runs Googa Farm Organics on the rich red volcanic soils of the South Burnett region of Queensland, producing avocados and various vegetable crops such as snow peas and zucchini. After converting to an organic system close to a decade ago, Mr Beutel said one of the major issues was finding certified organic fertilisers with enough guts to do the job. “You find yourself paying a lot for products that contain a lot of water.” With this in mind, he has been delighted with the results using the Guano Australia range of products, including the granular Guano Sulphur Gold and the foliar spray Guano Liquid Gold. “They are high analysis products so you get your nutrients without having to put too much fertiliser out.” Mr Beutel said he had achieved good yield and robust fruit on his tree crops using a system where the crop is consistently fed an application of fertiliser every six to eight weeks. “A lot is fed out through the irrigation line, but we can also go out with a granular product.” In terms of the horticulture side, Mr Beutel said it was critical to ensure there was a good spike of P as the crops emerged and then a steady source of plant available P throughout the growing season.

Mr Beutel said having products such as the Guano Australia range helped in his organic system. “We don’t always have the widest range of options, so to have some good high analysis fertiliser products available is great.” Mr Beutel, who also runs a wholesale business distributing organic produce, said the demand for organic fruit and vegetables continued to rise. “I’m constantly looking for more producers to get more product to my customers to meet demand.” “Growth in the organic fruit and vegetable sector in the last five years has ranged between 10 and 18 per cent per annum.” “It’s important we have input products that allows us to grow more to meet that demand.”
Anthony Beutel
Googa Farm Organics. South Burnett, QLD


Steve Cuddihy

Woody Pear Wines is a small organic vineyard run as a family business by Steve, Anne and Michael Cuddihy. It is located in Baldivis WA, about a half hour drive south of Perth. The vines were planted on virgin Tuart soils that were lacking in most of the major nutrients and trace elements. The soil was acidic with a pH of 5.3. We planted cabernet sauvignon, Verdelho and Chardonnay with a customised compost mixed with Guano Gold and applied substantial quantities of mulch for weed control and water retention. Crushed limestone was added to improve the acidity. We are pleased with the development and the health of our organically certified vines and plan to apply more Guano Gold and compost to the area between the vine rows. This will be utilised for healthy cover crops of clovers and rye grass that will be slashed for green manure. A small batch of Verdelho and Chardonnay has been produced from the recent vintage and we are delighted with the results from such young vines. We believe our decision to go organic and the subsequent soil management programme has been vindicated.
Steve Cuddihy - Woody Pear Wines


Ian Saunders

“Hi my name is Ian Saunders I am working on our 1600 acre family owned and operated property in Guyra on the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales. Our main enterprise is breeding and fattening crossbred lambs. We also buy and fatten steers and heifers. We have chosen to go to Guano Gold-Kwik Start to fertilise our property this year since single super just wasn’t doing the job, so to speak. We chose Guano Gold-Kwik Start over a lot of other products for its high levels of phosphate, calcium and its vast range of other minerals and trace elements; also because it is a natural product. I found the dense weight and it being a granular product made it very easy to load and spread out of a belt driven Marshal Spreader. Being granular it wasn’t dusty and loaded well. The dense weight of the product gave me a good 25 metre spread. I look forward to seeing the results from using such a product and will definitely use it next year when we are fertilising.”
Ian Saunders, Guyra, NSW
October 24, 2012


Laurie & Maria Germano

Laurie and Maria Germano and family grow potatoes and other vegetables on their 105ha farm in the rolling hills of South Gippsland at Delburn. In recent years Laurie has moved toward fertiliser blends containing Madura Guano Gold because:

  • the product grows as good or better quality vegetables of good size;
  • the residual phosphorous left in the soil allows the following crops to get off to a good start without additional fertiliser being applied. “The Guano Gold does not get tied up in the soil like other sources of phosphorus”, explains Laurie;
  • to highlight the above points, new Tetilla Annual Rye grass has been drop sown on paddocks recently harvested from potatoes. The clear benefit of the residual quantities of the Madura Guano Gold can be shown in how the pasture has grown so quickly despite very low rainfall occurring and the ground had been cracking. Note the photograph in the “Mushroom” paddock where the irrigator winch track that did not receive any Madura Guano Gold but was sown with the same seed at the same time, and
  • Madura Guano Gold is also very good on the garden around the house.

Laurie has been actively encouraging other farmers to look towards the benefits of using Madura Guano Gold-Kwik Start by incorporating some into their own fertiliser blends and to use it on their own local farms as well.

 Laurie Germano overlooking the family property in Delburn, South Gippsland
 Potato crops grown with the assistance of Guano Gold-Kwik Start


West Deakin Hellenic Bowling Club

I was having a lot of problems with my Number 2 Green. It is a Tifdwarf and had a lot of Spring Dead Spot. After renovation it would it would not come back and suffered severely during hot dry weather. I took some plugs and noticed very little root growth. It was suggested to me that I try Agrispon. After two applications I noticed a vast improvement in the green. I took further plugs and observed that the roots were at least twice as long and much denser. I have been very impressed with the product and continue to use it, particularly after renovation.
Steve Pescud, West Deakin Hellenic Bowling Club


Brick Creek Bananas

My name is Frank Grant and I have been banana farming for 30 years at Coffs Harbour and Tully. Six months ago I started using Agrispon and Sincocin on 55ha of bananas at ‘Brick Creek Bananas’ in Tully. Three months after the initial application the change in general health and appearance of the plants was quite pronounced. I am so pleased with the performance of Agrispon and Sincocin that I have since used it for the second application. The benefits that come to mind are many but mainly the non-toxicity and ease of application.  The products are also environmentally friendly.
Frank Grant



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