Aussie Stadium

Aussie Stadium is one of the most highly utilised rectangular sporting venues in Australia. Our hirers include the Australian Rugby Union (ARU), National Rugby League (NRL) and the Football Federation of Australia (FFA). On average, the playing surface will endure approximately 90 games, 70 training sessions, 45 events and other various activities including film shoots and major outdoor concerts. I have been using Agrispon for the past 2 years as part of our turf management program. The product is utilised every 2nd month and applied through a high volume spraying tank. The product once applied is lightly watered into the top profile (5min). We are very pleased with the results that we have achieved over the past 2 years. Our root system is bigger, stronger and healthier which is creating a more stable playing surface throughout the year. This in turn is creating more resistance to nematode attack.

Sample clump of turf from the Sydney Football Stadium demonstrating the healthy root system.

We will continue to use Agrispon every 2nd month and would highly recommend this product to all turf growers.
Michael Finch, Aussie Stadium Curator


Elders & Barradale Farm


PJC Sportsturf

PJC Sportsturf are a NSW based supplier to the Turf Industry. An Australian family business that was founded over 20 years ago by Peter Stig (deceased) who was very well respected within the industry. Now the business is owned/operated by his two sons Jason & Chris Stig. Jason is a qualified Greenkeeper and takes care of supplying products and helping with advice to customers, which include Golf Courses, Bowling Clubs and Sporting arenas to mention a few. Jason is also involved in new product research and development. Chris is a Mechanical Engineer who runs the Cylinder Grinding side of the business, which now includes the import and sale of Bernhard & Co (UK) Cylinder Grinding Machines which he believes will revolutionize the way we look at turf here in Australia.

On Agrispon (by Jason Stig)
My first introduction to Agrispon was when I conducted a soil test on one of our customers Bowling Greens (Les Ruse of Wollongong RSL), I was astonished at the depth of his root system on his couch grass greens, when questioning Les about this, he replied “It’s got to be the Agrispon, it is the only thing different I have added to my program.” I was so impressed on leaving Les’ Bowling Club I rang Michael Finch of the Sydney Football Stadium who was having trouble with shallow root depth. Michael agreed to try Agrispon and has had tremendous results. These were the first two guys I know of using Agrispon on Turf. Since then, I have introduced many Superintendents, Curators and Greenkeepers to this wonderful product.


Suncorp Stadium

‘Suncorp Stadium’ is a venue of the Major Sports Facilities Authority managed by Ogden IFC (Brisbane) Pty Ltd. We have been using Agrispon monthly at 1.0 litres per Ha for root development and I have found that the roots have maintained length during the football season. We applied a fertiliser mix of Guano Gold-Kwik Start earlier in the year and received some good results from the application. We have not used the Guano Gold-Kwik Start on a regular basis as I have a complex fertiliser program in operation and I did not want to include another product. In all I have found that the Agrispon has assisted in conjunction with our other fertilisers to maintain root length and I will be using it again next year as part of our maintenance program.
Peter Cronin, Grounds Manager, SUNCORP STADIUM


Wakehurst Golf Club

“Since using Agrispon on my Greens the average depth of the Root system has increased from 15mm to 55mm. Due to this improvement my water usage has decreased by 25%”.
Nathan Elder, Superintendent, Wakehurst Golf Club, NSW


Shane Gregg

My family are organic graziers on our farm “Mossvale”, on the Summit in the Stanthorpe District. The farm has been in our family for 51 years now and our vision is to produce quality beef and other renewable resources/produce using sustainable and economically viable systems to meet this generation’s life style goals and subsequent generations’ requirements. We used Guano Gold on our crops of organic soybeans in a comparison trial against other organically certified phosphorous products. The yields were very similar the following year. However, soil tests showed “P” levels nearly doubled where the Guano Gold was applied. Subsequently in following years Guano Gold was blended with a compost mix to help in the growing of a number of good crops of organic soybeans.
Shane Gregg, Certified Organic Grazier, Stanthorpe District



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