John Gosper

“It was a good day when I was introduced to Guano Gold by my progressive local dealer – Norco. Colin Barnes suggested I try it. I have been using it for two years now and I am pleased with the trees’ yield and general health. The fact that it is organic is a plus in the general trend to use more environmentally friendly products. One cannot live in the past! New products are available to replace products like ‘Super’ and ‘Triple Super’ that I can use in a long term approach to look after the soil.” 
John Gosper, Surprise Farms, Northern Rivers, Lismore, NSW


Jacob Tekema

Jacob Tekema and his mother Jikke milk 135 Fresian cows of 80 hectares of their property at Shady Creek, north east of Warragul Victoria. Jacob and Jikke have been using fertiliser blends with the phosphorus component supplied by Madura Guano Gold for the past two and a half years. Over this time Jacob says he has seen a general improvement in the condition of their cows which he attributes to improved pastures. The pasture is growing better and regrowth after grazing and cutting for silage or hay is stronger. Lime has been applied over most of the property and Jacob commented that the response from the lime has been better than expected which he attributes to the availability of “P” from Madura Guano Gold. After seeing the response on his own property Jacob has been promoting the use of Madura Guano Gold to neighbours so they may experience the advantages of using the product.


Kevin Holland



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